Cabbage Key

We have had so many different suggestions of places to stop and visit. We chose to spend two nights at Cabbage Key. One of the stories is that this was the inspiration for a Jimmy Buffet song. Is it true? I like to think so. This island is only accessible by water. Those visitors that stay in the cottages come by water taxi or their own vessel. Some employees of the inn stay on the island some come every day just before 9 a.m. by crew boat and leave about 4 p.m. Provisions are brought in daily; trash goes out ons trash barge. No cars, some golf carts, one motorized vehicle to move the dumpsters to the trash barge full and remove the empties from the barge.

This island is very peaceful. It makes you feel like you might just be in paradise. We followed the well marked nature trail from the water tower (yes i is a working water tower) all the way around back to the tower. We were told about the Shell tree and that it might be a nice visit by following a side trail. We missed the side trail and had to start a second trip around the trail until we found it. All in all a very good morning walk.

We finished our walk in time to get back to the inn by 11:00 a.m. the suggested time to be there for lunch. Then the excitement began. Hundreds of people show up for lunch. Some come by personal boat, some come by tour boat, some by dingy leaving a larger boat anchored out in Pine Island Sound just off the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway. If someone says you need to make a lunch reservation, they are not kidding.

As overnight guests we were instructed to not arrive the first day before 3 p.m. and we should be out well before 11 a.m. on our departure day. This is s very busy place between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and dock space is first come first serve.

One of the notable items is the money taped to the walls and ceilings. Hundreds of dollars. These dollars are signed and dated. Of course, we had to add a dollar. Please enjoy some of our photos from Cabbage Key.

We enjoyed our time on this island paradise. Items to note: the Osprey nest on the water tower, the Osprey on the tv antenna, the busy harbor and how close all the boats were to each other during the busy day, the duck parade (saw them both evenings) We never did see an alligator.


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