Well – it looks like maybe I should just do this

Have missed so many days/weeks of posting. Those missed weeks will probably show up as flashbacks. Thus a gap. Moving forward.

We are in Punta Gorda, Florida. We have been enjoying our stay here. While here we have taken a trip to the Orlando, Florida area. This was a trip planned from back before we started this trip. Believe it or not we did some couch potato binge movie watching. We were there 3 nights, our last night there we went in search of the Hard Rock Cafe (Al has developed a fondness for their tee shirts). Hence an adventure. Gussy (my directions app on my phone) took us on our trip. Guess what we found out? The restaurant is in the City Walk at Universal. You have to go to the amusement park (not in our plan); you have to pay for parking at the amusement park (but of course); but you do not have to pay for any amusement park activities if you don’t want and if you arrive after 6:00 pm there is not a parking fee. We wandered around City Walk after our mission was accomplished enjoying the sites. A few pictures from this adventure:


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